Sunday, January 9, 2011

what a week!!!

So maybe hoping to do any bogging my first week of the academy was a bit optimistic... this week has been hell. From Monday at 0800 to Friday at 1830 (630 pm) it was non stop. My body hasn't been this sore since the first week of weight lifting my senior year of high school. It's quite apparent now how bad working for 911 has been for my body. I tried to keep my self in decent shape in spite of my working conditions, but to no avail. On Monday we got in trouble for not putting our notebooks together fast enough and we held our arms above our heads for 15 minutes straight. That was loads of fun. I failed both of my initial physical fitness tests miserably, along with 14 other people in my class.

Highlights of the week included finally starting classes instead of getting thrashed all day, getting our uniforms and most of our equipment issued and making it to Friday. As the academy calms down a bit ill start writing more, its crazy now so ill update as I can but we're one week down and 26 to go. Our first constitutional law class is in the morning so I've gotta hit the rack. It's gonna be a long road...
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