Monday, January 24, 2011

Week three down

Still not a lot of free time to be had these days. Week three was spent once again getting thrashed, trying to get things together as a team, and getting thrashed some more.

We had a test on ethics, and the rest of our week was spent learning just about every way to not violate someone's 4th amendment rights while either detaining them, arresting them, and searching them. You wouldnt think a couple of paragraphs in a several hundred year old document would be so friggen complex! It's almost easier to just not arrest someone, because then you can't violate their rights and get sued or charged. Unfortunately that won't be an option, and I had to spend every waking moment when not at the academy trying to decipher what the 4th amendment says and how vital case laws have either changed it, or supported it. The weekend was spent doing one of two things... studying/doing homework or trying to spend time with my wife while clearing my mind of all the stuff I'd been attempting to stuff into it every other minute of the week. The only other thing i did all weekend was go to the academy for family orientation where Jenny sat in presentations from the chief on down to our training sergeant.

In personnel news... we are down to 35 people left in the academy (started with 43). I've also come to the realization that recruits of any form are inherently lost 95% of the time, and getting in trouble the other 5% of the time. We also had the grand epiphany that if you have a duty belt, it should have a buckle in order for it to actually function as a belt. For some reason a decent number of people didn't feel it was necessary to ask for a buckle at supply and we paid dearly for their lack of forethought. But what else is new? Our days are only filled with two things; classroom instruction and punitive exercise. Our sgt also gave us a little pep talk on Friday night before we went home about how be thinks we've lost everybody who really doesn't want to be here, and he wants to graduate everyone that's left. it was a little un-nerving, and a big surprise to get some motivational words from the man who always tells us he doesn't care... I took my arrest, search, and seizure test this morning and squeaked by with a 79%. even after all of the studying, I still confused all kinds of search warrant laws. I'm more of a practical application kind of guy, so once we start doing this stuff for real it'll solidify it all for me. till next week...
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