Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here we go...

Countdown... t-minus 14 hours until training day one commences.

Nervous you ask? Ever walked into something you knew was going to be completely miserable for at least two weeks as they weed out those who can't hack it with a smile on your face? Didn't think so...

All my bags are packed and waiting to be put in the car, my suit is wrinkled and needs to be ironed, and I've spent a good amount of the day studying and memorizing the packet of what us Marines call "knowledge". It's 8 pages of all the basics (10 codes, signals, codes, chain of command, use of force laws, etc...). I fortunately had a leg up on the rest of my classmates because I've been using most of the packet for the past year and a half at 911. Nevertheless the PD has a decent amount of extra codes that we at 911 don't use and have never been taught so I studied my packet like a good recruit should.

I've got a knot in my stomach just like the day before I went to boot camp in 2004 and the day before I left for Afghanistan in 2006. A bit excited, and a bit scared. Only way to find out what comes next is to bite the bullet and walk through the doors (the back doors specifically since I don't rate to use the front doors yet) and start getting my ass kicked. Should be a good time. Report coming on day 1 tomorrow night.
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