Sunday, February 6, 2011

PT, PT Everyday

It was one hell of a week for PT this week. We had PT four out of five days this week, and I ran at home 3 days after work too. Needless to say my body begging for Friday night by Thursday morning. Monday we went for a 3.5 mile run which i fell out of (still suck at running, and I always will but I'm trying hard to be able to stay in formation all the way through!), then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we had PT inside where our instructors have begun to introduce martial arts moves or SCAT (subject control and arrest techniques) as the police department calls it.

Wednesday was lots of fun, we broke out the kicking pads and started working on shin kicks to the side of the knee, and knee strikes. On a side note females are never allowed to sit by eachother, be next to eachother in formation, or be partners for anything throughout the academy and I ended up with a female as my partner for our first striking class to hold my pad. The female I was paired up is a scrawny woman about 5'10" and maybe 100lbs soaking wet, wearing a fully loaded duty belt, and after making several trips through the line at golden corral... then there's me, the 235lb former Marine with a decent amount of hand to hand combqt training. We were instructed to only kick at exactly 62%, and even at that I was afraid I would break this woman in half... So every kick the woman gets pushed 2-3 feet to the side and has to scamper back over to get in place so I can kick her again. I felt pretty bad about it to be honest...

Thursday didn't focus a lot on SCAT, but was mentioned in passing a few times in reference to what we learned the day before. Thursday we played "PT poker" 5 card stud to be exact... Our Sgt had a deck of cards (which we all assumed was loaded...) and he dealt out five cards one for each of the five exercises on the sheet (burpees, 4 count push ups, flutter kicks, up/downs, and air squats). If it was an ace that got turned over we did 15 reps, face cards were 10 reps, and 5-10 were face value, 2-4 were replaced by 8 count body builders instead of the other exercises. We played 5 hands for our squad leaders, 1 hand for our Sgt, 1 hand for our PT instructor, and 1 hand for all of the training staff not present. If you wanna get destroyed physically do this workout. It's lots of fun, but you'll feel it in the morning.

Friday was full of LOL moments... we spent Friday learning how to fall down from a standing position, and how to fall and roll while running. If you want to see hilarious, show up to a police academy the day they teach this... we had to break down how to do a somersault to every little step, and people were still failing miserably at putting their hands and head on the ground arching their back and rolling forward. Having been falling from decent heights riding BMX since I was 6 I'm a natural of course...

The best news is that the academy is starting to get fun! We are really coming together, and i think I may have finally found that feeling I've been missing since I left active duty back in 2008. I've got pride in my job, I love being in uniform again, and I care about the people I work with and their success. Everything happens for a reason and its finally clear why I didn't get the firefighting job in 09 and why I got the job at 911 which pointed me to the PD. Now I just gotta survive until July and hit the streets!
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