Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Complacency kills

Well, found some time mid week to drop a little knowledge on ya.

Dictionary.com defines complacency as such; feeling of quiet pleasure or security.

Just a heads up, this is no way for a class to feel on week 5 day 2 of the hardest police academy in the state. I could feel it in the air this morning as I walked into the locker room to don my uniform and prep myself for the day, the lackadasical demeanor was almost palpable in the air. It continued throughout the pre roll call duties... People were screwing off during the flag raising (which I take particular offense to having fought and sacrificed for that flag), somebody put white out on the sign in sheet because they signed in next to the wrong name, and a couple other things I forgot...

Well the morning kicked off perfectly in sync with the tone set by the recruits as always. We got destroyed for people screwing around during colors, and then a two person lab table got THROWN across the room because ONE person didn't sign the second sign in sheet before it was handed in again, just to be torn in half and crumpled up so we could try a third time. On top of all that we've set a standard that only 5 people can miss 10 codes during inspection, and we had 10 misses which when you add a 0 gives you 100 exercise repetitions, then factor in the fact that we didn't meet our standard and you double it to get the final count for what we owe our Sgt, 200. Today was nowhere near our highest number, just fyi.

So what changed from Monday to Tuesday you ask? Mindset... Monday was a great day for us, we finally had EVERYONE pass an academic test on the first try (one of the hardest in the academy at that), we had a good PT session in the morning, we only had 5 misses on 10 codes during inspection, our uniforms looked great, and our Sgt hooked us up because of our stellar performance and we left before 5pm for the first time since the academy started. It's easy to get lazy and COMPLACENT with all of that praise, and I really friggen hope we learned our lesson. Our instructors gave us two choices from the beginning, we can be smart or we can be strong and its our choice.

Let's hope for a better day tomorrow.

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  1. I think I should throw furniture next time I'm working at a reception desk and some asshole employee forgets their badge or a visitor doesn't sign in. Apparently, it keeps people on their toes.