Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's finally over

So after an 8 month wait the day finally came, my final day at the 911 center. And one hell of a day it was... I decided to sit at my favorite console for my last day (where all you do is dispatch police calls). It started out slow and by the end of the day god only knew what was happening on any of the four consoles for the department we were responsible for. At the exact moment the day squad first team was called in BAM armed robbery from person!! Looks like those officers won't be going home on time. 15 minutes later and only having two line officers available in the entire city, BAM strong arm robbery in the district next to the original armed robbery and searching for SOMEONE in the city to send.

Everyone in the dispatch and police world knows Christmas is the time of year for one thing, ARMED ROBBERIES. Even criminals kids need Christmas presents right!?! By the time I logged off the dispatch computer for the final time the city was roughly 25 calls behind with no end in sight. I'll miss the hell out of dispatching for sure its by far the best part of 911.

After I signed out of the computers I turned over my ID badge, my key fob, and my headset and called it quits... Not 30 minutes later there was another armed robbery just down the street from the first one. It really never stops.

The good news is, my director and both deputy directors all told me I'm welcome back anytime if I need a job, just have to come back and ask! As for what's next, two weeks vacation and then the start of the academy. It'll be great to enjoy Christmas with my wife and the in-laws. Maybe ill reveal some of the highlights of my career at 911 between now and then.

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  1. That sounds like an exciting job! Have a good Christmas =)