Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holy shit this guy is FAST!!!

Look at that...  The blog isnt even a day old and i've already found something bike related to post...
 As a sportbike enthusiast I enjoy a couple of things, good looking motorcycles and high speeds.  Unfortunately I've recently gotten a "driving award", and learned my lesson again about riding fast on the street. So I'll save it for the race track in the future (surprisingly its my first ticket in 4 years and my first ever on the bike).  This is a video of a RIDICULOUSLY fast rider riding on what is known as "The Dragon"and is arguably the best motorcycle and sport car road in the world.  It has 318 curves in 11 insanely intense miles.  Be sure to notice the insane numbers on the speedometer throughout the video.  
Even if you don't agree with driving this way on the street you have to appreciate the level of skill it takes to do it.

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